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Why Some Children in New Jersey Are Educated in a Second Language

Language schools are not part of the public education system in any school system. We hear about a child attending a language school in New Jersey it is because their parents see the value in such an education. Their parents are probably highly educated people or simply people who want the best for their child. These parents understand the value of learning a foreign language, spanish, as a child. Some of these parents might be multiple language speakers themselves and they want the child to also have that ability, that skill and the advantages that come from it.

There is no doubt that learning more than one language, bilingual schools here, is very beneficial to a child. Children learn a foreign language have a brain that is shaped differently than surgeons who do not. Children learn a foreign language have more flexible brains, they have greater neural plasticity, once a child is able to learn what language they will find it easier to learn another. This will lead to many advantages later in life. These advantages can be cultural or economic. For the most part, these type of schools offers a great environment to educate a young mind.

These schools teach the new language right beside the child’s native language. This makes it very easy for the child to take in the information and to make good use of it. Learning the language in this way allows the child to understand it logically. They get a great deal of contextual understanding which most language programs do not have and that leads to a much greater understanding and it increases the ability to learn and maintain these new language skills. So for anyone who wants their child to learn a new language, a bilingual school is the best approach for them.

Finding the right school is one of the most important things. They all do a pretty good job but not all of them will be right for your child. This is something that we write about time and time again. We don’t say just to fill up the page but because it is one of the most important things. Finding the right school for the child leads to greater understanding, the child understanding the information, the child retaining the information and the child being interested in learning. One of the greatest outcomes of a good school is teaching a kid to learn how to love learning. Once a child learns to love learning and learns how to actually learn, there’s nothing that a child cannot become.

Their many different outcomes to attending a bilingual school and all of them are quite powerful. It positions the child in a very strong position to take on the world. It’s a good way to put a child in an environment with other children who have parents who are concerned about learning, about shaping good people, about shaping thinkers and the people who would change our society. So a language school is a great way to create a powerful mind.

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